IHDS-II public data files are available from the Data Sharing for Demographic Research program of ICPSR, the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, at ICPSR Study 36151 (IHDS-II). This is release 1 (31 July 2015). See the IHDS-I data page to download data from the first wave. Please register on this website to download the file to link IHDS-I and IHDS-II records.

Data include:
Household file: 36151-0002-Data.dta (N=42,152 households; variables=758)
Individual file: 36151-0001-Data.dta (N=204,569 individuals; variables= 339)
Eligible Woman file: 36151-0003-Data.dta (N=39,253 women; variables= 581)
Birth history: (N=111,193 births; variables= )
Medical facility: (N= 23,327 medical facilities; variables= )
Primary school: (N= 4,267 schools; variables= )
Wages and salaries: (N=64,289 jobs; variables=73)
Non-resident family members: (N=4761 individuals; variables= 22)
IHDS-I Tracking file: (N=2,08,485; variables= 81)
Village data: (N=1,410 villages; variables= 741)

An IHDS-II Users' Guide can be downloaded here; it was not initially available from the ICPSR website.

Copies of the Income & Social Capital and the Education & Health questionnaires can be downloaded from the Questionnaires page. These IHDS-II .pdf files have been updated since those posted on the ICPSR site.

Future releases will include:
Youth file: (N=12,553 youth 15-18; variables= 806)
Crop production: (N=45,990 crops; variables= 149)
2011 Census districts